5 Tips for Running a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Just like sports, sales can be studied and analysed. In both fields, we have trainers adopting two key scientific elements – and that’s, method and metrics. The point is to figure out the most effective way to break records and set new milestones for the game ahead. It’s a game of numbers. In sports, you want to win more games or score more goals. Same with telemarketing, the primary goals is always to crank up sales and rake in more profits. In

5 Key Advantages of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a marketing tool that involves selling your products and services over the telephone. The strategy has its perks and shortcomings. But overall, it’s one of the most effective lead generation strategies that experienced companies usually have no second thoughts outsourcing to an experienced agency. Think of outbound telemarketing as your secret weapon. It’s a strategy you turn to whenever your sales and revenues tank or hit a plateau and are looking for a way to give them a