5 Tips for Running a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Just like sports, sales can be studied and analysed. In both fields, we have trainers adopting two key scientific elements – and that’s, method and metrics. The point is to figure out the most effective way to break records and set new milestones for the game ahead.

It’s a game of numbers. In sports, you want to win more games or score more goals. Same with telemarketing, the primary goals is always to crank up sales and rake in more profits.

In other words, you’re a sales superstar looking to adopt:

  • A sale methodology for systemising your game play.
  • A proactive sales psychology to set you up for some of the toughest buyer objections by ensuring you’re always on the right state of emotions when you pick up that phone to make a call.

Come to think about it, telecommunication is a two-way interaction. The science behind it also covers the other parties involved: prospects, leads, and customers. In this post, we’ll be covering some of the takeaways and tactics for carrying out a successful telemarketing campaign.


Key tips for running a successful telemarketing campaign:


Come up with a plan

Don’t just jump in without first coming up with a proper plan on how to execute the campaign. As with any campaign you run, the first thing you need is to come up with a set of clear objectives for the task ahead.

If you’re looking to collect email addresses, then you might want to obtain the email within the first few seconds of interacting with your prospects or potential customers.

Also, if you’re looking to talk to a decision maker, it’s crucial that you ask the person on the other end to connect you to the person a few minutes in after making the phone call.


Come with a Script

You can wing it. But don’t expect the conversation to be more effective than an interaction that you took your time to write down and visualise it from every possible angle.

Just create a short script of how you plan to lead the interaction as you direct it to your primary objectives.

It can be something simple as:

“My name is so and so. I’m calling from a web designing company called XYZ. I’ll like to send you or your marketing manager an introductory email regarding our services. Do you mind telling me your name and email address? “


Speak clearly and slowly

It’s okay to be nervous. But don’t let it push you into rushing through the conversation.

In whatever you do, it’s crucial that you avoid blurting out your script. Instead take your time to relay it more naturally, like in a normal conversation and in a way that the recipient on the other end of your phone will have an easy time understanding.

A simple trick would be to drop your hands on the side so you can insert some pressure on your diaphragm and slow down. Learn to adopt a natural speed while at it to sound more sincere.

Speaking of which, you’re likely to convince a potential customer to take action when you’re more sincere and natural.


Set your mind for a Conversation

Forget about self-promoting or cold-pitching and prepare yourself for a real conversation. One where the prospect on the receiving end will be asking you questions as you respond to them more elaborately.

Be ready to talk through issues and address all the concerns raised. Read this bearing in mind that there’s a lot more involved in telemarketing than the simple act of making a call, and waiting for an answer and hanging up after the proposition. For all we know, there’s a possibility of you being thrown off-script. And it’s upon you to figure out how to keep the conversation flowing when it happens.


Learn to say No

You don’t have to acquiesce to every request coming from your recipient. Some of the responses may come off as rude. Don’t let them get to you.

But that’s not to say that you’re not allowed to argue your case through. And where you have to say no, don’t force yourself to say yes.

Where you don’t agree with a prospect, just thank them for their time and try your luck next time.

Suffice it to say that telemarketing requires you to be so persistent if you’re hoping to see good results.


It’s a Wrap

Telemarketing can be used with other marketing strategies to force a sale or research on your market.

Mastering telemarketing takes time and a lot of practice and perseverance. But once you do, it can prove to be one of the most effective marketing strategies that you wouldn’t want anyone to overlook.